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Cat Scratching Ball

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Your Cat's New Favorite Thing! 😻

If your furry feline loves scratching and playing non stop, then you NEED this new cat scratching ball! Don't be surprised if it becomes their new FAVORITE toy!



Never Ending Fun!

Since the ball is on a swivel, your cat can play as much as they want! It really is amazing for cat's with lots of energy who always want to play!



Special Scratching Material!

Our cat scratching ball is specially designed for EXACTLY what it sounds like, for your cat to scratch! Cat's natural instinct is to scratch, it's in their DNA! This is a material they won't be able to get enough of! 

It's 100% safe and healthy for your cat's nails, and the best part?! Your bundle of joy will spend LESS time scratching the furniture, and MORE time scratching their ball!



Sizing Measurments 👇